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IS BRENNAN READY TO STEP UP (OR IS THAT DOWN)? Joseph Cunliff has interviewed Chris Brennan for Chris has a non-title fight at 155 bls. in Shooto against 155 bl. champion Takanori Gomi on September 16th. This is a step up in competition for Brennan, but a major step down in weight. So, there are some obvious questions that need to be answered in this fight:

How will Brennan, who looked absolutely ripped at 170 lbs in his last fight against John Allesio and balooned up to 190 after the fight, perform at 155 lbs? Brennan has been saying that he expects to be stronger than Gomi since he is naturally bigger. But, I think that there’s a fair chance that he’ll lose some of that strenght in order to make weight. Will it be so much that he’s weaker than Gomi? If Brennan has lost the weight properly, probably not. But, if he’s been on a crash diet, look out for weakness and fatigue. Since he has had to lose 35-40 lbs. in a relatively short amount of time, I am guessing that we will see some signs of fatigue.

What will Brennan’s strategy be against Gomi? Gomi is known for his ground and pound style, and Gil Castillo recently used a ground and pound style to beat Brennan in the UFC. It would seem, therefore, that Brennan would be vulnerable to Gomi’s attack. But, Brennan did defend Steve Berger’s takedowns, and he says that he has been working on a new game plan for Gomi. Also, he would proably tell you that he KO’d a great wrestler in Antonio McKee. But, McKee was able to get several takedowns until he got tired and left himself open to a high kick. I predict that Gomi will control the fight from the top and win a decision. But, what do I know? There’s also a fair chance that Gomi’s wild stand-up style will leave him open to a big shot on his feet.

How big a step up in class is Gomi? Although Brennan has been in the cage with world class competition, he has not beaten a world class fighter yet. He will have to be at the top of his game if he is going to beat Gomi, and there is a real question whether will be able to elevate his game to the world class level.

There you have it, my three big questions for the Brennan vs. Gomi fight. Discuss them among yourselves, and feel free to mock me on September 17th if my predictions are wrong.

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