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IT LOOKS LIKE I’M NOT THE ONLY PERSON DISAPPOINTED WITH THE PRIDE SHOCKWAVE SHOW. Jack Rossen of Maxfighting wrote an article that mirrors my thoughts about the show. Actually, I should say that the first two paragraphs mirror my thoughts since I’m not a member, and cannot read the whole story.

Arnold “The Sushiboy” Lim from was also puzzled by Pride’s matchmaking for the show.

All this leads me to another thought: The only good fight of the night was actually a freak show on paper. Bob Sapp had done nothing to earn a title shot against Nogeuira other than beat 2 mediocre opponents who were (almost literally) half his size. The whole point of this fight was to make a spectacle – and luckily for Pride it worked out well.

People have been saying for years that we should not judge Pride by the same standards that we judge American shows because Pride’s goal is really to appeal to a Japanese pro wrestling audience. But, Pride is now marketing its show in America, and has announced that it will be running shows in the United States. So, I think it is fair to say that Pride better bring its match making and refereeing up to snuff, or expect to get thoroughly trashed by the U.S. MMA audience.

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