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Fight Opion Radio shows you might have missed

While this site went quiet for a few weeks I was still busy hosting the Fight Opinion Radio Show. Here are links to the shows you might have missed:

Fight Opinion Radio: Episode 25 (Interview with Brian Ebersole) (9/21/06)

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Despite having a slow news week for MMA content, Fight Opinion Radio had another interesting show that we think you will enjoy listening to. This week, our featured guest was fighter Brian Ebersole, who recently gained attention for being accused by the California State Athletic Commission for fixing a fight with perennial MMA jobber Shannon Ritch. In this exclusive interview, hear Brian’s thoughts on being suspended, how it’s impacting his IFL career, what his game plan is for dealing with the CSAC, and what his future plans are.

Also on this week’s show, we highlighted some of the other major stories in MMA (Kurt Angle training for future MMA fights, the BoDog-Strikeforce alliance, and Phil Baroni maybe not working the PRIDE 10/21 Las Vegas show). In addition, we broke down the PRIDE LV card and whether or not it’s a good card for business. Plus, I talked about the war of words between the New Jersey State Athletic Commission and UFC (along with other fighter-related topics).

Fight Opinion Radio: Episode 26 (with staff) (9/28/06)

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It was a very busy week for MMA news, and we covered all of it in this week’s edition of FOR. Our special guest was Iain Liddle from, who previewed the upcoming big Cage Rage event.

Other topics on the show this week included: The latest update on Kazushi Sakuraba (and whether or not comparisons of Sakuraba to Kurt Angle are fair/unfair), a detailed recap of UFC 63 and where it leaves UFC matchmaking-wise for future shows, the death of Shelby Walker (and the issue it raises about abuse of pain killers in the fight industry), the bickering back-and-forth between PRIDE & UFC, and Vince McMahon’s latest gimmicks to try to counteract UFC programming that runs opposite of his TV shows.

Fight Opinion Radio: Episode 27 (with staff) (10/6/06)

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One of our strongest shows yet in terms of overall content (news, humor, interview, etc.) Iain Liddle from was with us to review the Cage Rage 18 event. Plus, a long UFC roundtable breaking down the UFC Ken/Tito III & UFC 64 events, along with Erin Bucknell undergoing the grueling questions asked by Joe Rogan in the UFC Octagon Girl Search that aired on TV last Monday. tags: , ,

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