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FIGHTING IN L.A.: Universal Above Ground Fighting will hold a “Pankration” (read: open hand) event at the Hollywood Palladium on July 30th. The main event is former UFC champion Dave Menne vs. Robert Ferguson. You can check out the card and more details at Sherdog.

I have concerns whether the will actually take place since all MMA events are illegal in California. Not too long ago, the California Athletic Commission was very diligent about shutting down every MMA show in the state that was not on Indian territory, whether the event featured open or closed fists.

I understand that some small events that feature open fists have run recently. But, running a large publicized event at a well known venue like the Hollywood Palladium is a different matter.

Lets hope that the promoters have worked things out with the Athletic Commission, and that the event will proceed without a hitch.

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