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SHOOTO ‘TREASURE HUNT 02’ will take place on July 27th, at Kitazawa Town Hall in Tokyo, Japan. Here’s the lineup:

Class A 3×5 min rds

Featherweight [-60Kg]: Hiroaki Yoshioka v. Itchaku Murata

Class B 2×5 min rds

Lightweight [-65Kg]: Eiji Murayama v. Masatoshi Kobayashi

Bantamweight [-60Kg]: Toshiteru Ishii v. Takahisa Toyoshima

Welterweight [-70Kg]: Takayuki Okouchi v. Hiroki Kotani

Class B 2×5 min rds / Welterweight [-70Kg]: Yohei Suzuki v. Ken Omatsu

Class B 2×5 min rds / Middleweight [-76Kg]: Shigetoshi Iwase v. Akira Kikuchi

Featherweight [-60Kg] 2002 Rookie Tournament Semi-Final: Hiroki Kita v. Akira Komatsu

Lightweight [-65Kg] 2002 Rookie Tournament Semi-Final: Eiki Kadowaki v. Masashi Kameda

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