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Do Kimo's stories add up?

Kimo Leopoldo has given MMA Weekly his side of the story surrounding the positive steroid test that forced him to drop out of his fight against Bas Rutten. Kimo has explained that he was prescribed the steroids by a doctor a few months before the fight was proposed.

I will leave it to the readers to reach their own conclusions about Kimo’s using steroids under a doctor’s orders. But, other parts of the interview get progressively more difficult to accept:

Regarding this sequence of events, Kimo told MMAWeekly, “What they said was, ‘Kimo, we had a problem with your test,’ and that’s what I explained to them that my doctor prescribed it, and they said, ‘We’re not making any promises, but we will review it if you can get your doctor to give the prescription to us, and we will review this and give you a conclusion.’ So, not even twenty minutes later, I had my doctor on the phone talking to them and he faxed all the information to them, and they didn’t tell me anything until maybe 12 o’clock that night. They said that they can’t let anybody in the cage that has tested positive for a steroid, but to me it doesn’t make sense because why would they have taken that information from me and wasted my time.”

Kimo is unhappy with the way that he was led to believe he would still have a chance to fight. “I don’t want to sound like one of those guys who says they were set up, but I don’t feel like I was done right,” said Kimo.

Based on Kimo’s interview it looks like the WFA tried to rescue the fight by giving the athletic commission a copy of the prescription, but the commission decided that it still could not let Kimo fight. I do not really see why Kimo should be unhappy with the WFA (after all, they did not screw up the fight, he did), but I suppose I can imagine how Kimo might see it the way he does.

But, Kimo then had this to say about his “fight” against Kazushi Sakuraba:

“I’ve been misrepresented my entire career,” said Kimo “It started from when I fought [Kazushi] Sakuraba, way back in his first fight, and I beat him. Half of the fight was a shoot, half of the fight was real. It was thrown by an independent promoter. It wasn’t thrown by Pride. I didn’t get that on my record as a victory. I didn’t say nothing to nobody. I didn’t brag…

Kimo thinks he was misrepresented because he did not get credit for a victory for a “fight” that was only half real? Hmmm . . .

Finally, check out Kimo’s excuse for his other positive steroid test when he fought Ken Shamrock:

Regarding his fight against Ken Shamrock at UFC 48, Kimo said, “I wasn’t quite on par for that fight, and yeah, I did use some substances, and I did do some Winstrol in that fight, but at that time it was so early that I didn’t know I was going to be tested. That doesn’t justify it, but I wasn’t using it as a performance enhancer to be strong or whatever. It was just something… an extra little kick.

O.K. What was the “kick” if it wasn’t a performance enhancer?

Frankly, Kimo’s thinking leaves me scratching my head. tags: , , ,

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  1. Gatlin, Landis, baseball, Kimo – sports has become a joke and disgrace. I agree with the World Anti-Doping Agency: First doping offense, two-year suspension. Second offense, lifetime ban.

  2. I’m not buying this. If I’m going to participate in a sport that tests for performance enhancing drugs, then I’m certainly going to let my doctor know about it, especially considering he’s had issues with positive tests in the past. Kimo has no one to blame but himself. At the end of the day, he is solely responsible for what he puts into his body

  3. Anonymous said

    Let’s face it Kimo is a old man and NEVER was any good. Steroids is the least of the drugs the guy does…. You can count Coke, Speed, Weed in the mix. I agree with Eddie Goldman but I think first time offence 5 year ban.

  4. white girl said

    hey it seems to me Kimo is trying to better himself i know for a fact he had knee surgery and what they prescribed him….sounds predjiduce to me,If kimo was white & not ethnic they would of let him fight!ufc favors white boys,look at Shamrock,like he’s not on steroids? WHAT A JOKE!! To the last comment,why don,t you watch the fight with PolarBear,Kimo has HEART can,t say much for the rest,just a few…1 year suspension at the most

  5. SHAMROCK FAN said

    Hey Kimo is old school ,I agree with the white girl,And i’m as Irish white as you get,and i”m a Shamrock fan too, but i”ve followed all there interviews” who ever printed this article sounds like they put words in his mouth what”s up with that ??????? Hey yo Mr. Anonymous like some jealousy i hear……………… sounds like one of Dana Whites puppets….It seems like the white girl knows whats up got your back babe” I agree one year suspension! Bob Saaps fight was rigged never have i seen that long of a time out!