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Submit your podcast!

The Fight Opinion Radio show, which I host, is looking for people who want to submit guest clips for the next show.

Pick one of the following topics and record a 2-3 minute audio clip about it.

  1. Your predictions and analysis for the upcoming UFC 63 show.
  2. Thoughts about the future of PRIDE after their 9/10 Saitama event.
  3. After the IFL’s successful event in Portland, can this promote become a serious national player?

Audio specifications: 22050 Hz, 16-bit mono for the raw recording. When you encode to MP3, use 48k (preferrably) or 64k. You can use your iPod or a microphone to record the segment and then use Audacity to compile it. Make sure to try to eliminate as much background noise as possible (i.e. don’t record the segment near a computer fan, don’t record it in an area with a lot of people or a lot of traffic, etc.) When you record the segment, post a reply to this article containing a link (or e-mail me the link if you prefer) to where I can download the MP3 audio clip. The best clip or clips will be aired on this week’s show.

During the recording of your audio clip, make sure to state your full name and general location, along with any other information you think would be important to identify yourself (web site, e-mail, etc.).

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