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E! ONLINE HAS AN ARTICLE ABOUT PRIDE: It looks like Pride has some pretty good media connections, because they have managed to get news of their next show on E! Online. The article is entitled Pride…in the Name of Blood, and is pretty good. But, the author definitely bought into some of Pride’s hype:

With UFC showing its age and the WWE bleeding viewers and losing key wrestlers (the Rock is focusing on his acting career, and “Stone Cold” Steve Austin has apparently left the circuit), the Japan-based Pride is poised to make a splash in the U.S.

Of course, since this article was written the UFC has shown of fight on basic cable, and Pride has announced that it will be following the same rules as the UFC when it puts on a show in Vegas (you can check out my analysis of the rules changes this will dicate here and here). People who know MMA know that the UFC is hardly “showing its age.” Nevertheless, this is more good press for MMA.

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