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NICE PULVER ARTICLE: Josh Gross has written an excellent two-part article about Jens Pulver. Part One has been posted, and it is a must-read. The article discusses his reasons for leaving the UFC and his upcoming fight in Saturday’s Minnesota Fighting Championships. Here’s a little teaser from the article for you:

“The regular fans don’t pay my bills,” [Pulver] volleyed back. “I’d rather be a poor rich kid, then a famous poor kid. It was great, everyone knew my name and I enjoyed that. But I don’t want to be doing this shit when I’m 35 or 36. I made myself a promise that when I left this sport I’d have enough money to buy a house, and that’s the bottom line.

“If they forget me, that’s okay. But I hope they don’t. Like I said, I’ll be out there fighting. If the UFC was the only thing keeping my name going, well then I guess it dies down. But as long as there’s a UFC there’s always going to be [the question] ‘Who was the first champion?’ and that was me. They can cover it up, cut me off their rankings, not acknowledge me as one of the best fighters — shit doesn’t work. I don’t think it’s gonna work. I’ m going to stay out there and stay in people’s faces. You can’t wipe me off the top-5 ranking and assume I’m going to disappear. I’m fighting man, and I ‘m going to keep knocking these people out. There isn’t anything anyone can do about it. Nobody is going to beat me; I’m done losing. I finished losing after Din (Thomas). I’ll go up weights. I’ll beat other people. I don’t care, whatever it takes. I don’t think they’ll forget who I am because I’ll still be dropping people. I’ll still be spoiling other people’s fun. They always want to other guy to win, and I’ll keep screwing that up.”

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