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Nick Lembo gets a reply

Last week Nick Lembo, Counsel to the New Jersey State Athletic Control Board, corrected a Miami Herald writer who republished the Zuffa Myth in an article about the UFC. The writer responded to Lembo as follows:

RE: 8-22-06 STORY
From:”Emanuel, Bob”
Date:Fri, 25 Aug 2006 04:05:04 -0400
To:”Nick Lembo”


Thank you for the information. Unfortunately, unlike most other sports, the history of the UFC is not well documented. Facts, often, get blurred depending on which version of history you are hearing.

I will likely do a follow-up in the near future (as time permits).

Thank you once again,

The excuse if flimsy. There is plenty of information about the history of the UFC and MMA in America for anyone with even rudimentary Google skills.

But hey, at least the reporter recongized his mistake, which is a step in the right direction. Hopefully his next UFC article will be a little bit better. tags: , , , ,

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  1. He’s a newspaper guy, so he probably lacks rudimentary Google skills. He also just repeated everything White told him without checking with anyone else. You are right, these excuses are ridiculous. This is another example of a major reason why newspaper “reporting” has driven so many people online.