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THERE IS A NEW MAJOR FIGHT ORGANIZATION IN JAPAN: ADCC is reporting that a new Japanese fight organization, UFO, is getting set to make its debut at the Tokyo Dome on free television. This will mark the first time MMA has been shown on free T.V. in Japan.

So, you are probably saying to yourself, all that is nice – but who is fighting? Well, according to the report, Antonio ‘Minotauro’ Nogueira will headline the show against Naoya Ogawa, and Mario Sperry is also confirmed to be on the card. In addition there are rumors that both UFC champion Murilo Bustamante and Sanae Kikuta will also be fighting.

UPDATE: Underground forum member dragonhead has posted that the press conference has taken place. The card does not feature UFC champion Murillo Bustamante. But it features Jens Pulver, who by all rights should still be the UFC champ:

Today, Antonio Inoki released the 1st announcement of his event titled “UFO LEGEND” .

DATE: August 8, 2002

PLACE: Tokyo Dome (Tokyo, JAPAN)


So far, those fighters are scheduled to fight.

Naoya Ogawa (Japan)

Kazunari Murakami (Japan)

Kazuyuki Fujita (Japan)

Tadao Yasuda (Japan)

Sanae Kikuta (Japan)

Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira (Brazil)

Rogerio Nogueira (Brazil)

Mario Sperry (Brazil)

Jens Pulver (USA)

(This event will consist of 8 matches.)

RULES (summary):

5 min x 3 rounds (must system).

Fighters must wear Open Finger Gloves.

(Others are based on MMA Rules.)

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