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FIGHTS IN HOLLYWOOD CALIFORNIA? I am not sure what is going on here. It is illegal to hold MMA fights in California (except on Indian reservations). Nevertheless, Sherdog is reporting that a group called “Universal Above Ground Fighting” will be holding a show in Hollywood California, which will feature Dave Menne versus Robert “The Prince of Leglocks” Ferguson in its main event. I think that the promotion’s name is a bit ironic since these will almost definitely be “underground” fights.

I suggest we wait to see what develops before we get too excited about MMA fights in Hollywood.

UPDATE: truewrestler pointed out on The Underground that this might be a grappling match. I assumed from the promotion’s name, and from the fact that Ferguson and Menne have primarily been competing in MMA lately, that it was a MMA fight. The press release does not say what it is either way. So, I guess we will now definitely have to wait and see what the hell is going on here.

But I will ad this: Big grappling matches usually take place as part of an open tournament. The press release mentions no grappling tournament. I question whether the promoter can reasonably expect to get a large paying audience to attend if he is only showing grappling matches.

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