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REVOLUTION FIGHTING CHAMPIONSHIPS IS MAKING ITS DEBUT: The show, which will take place on July 13th at the Stardust Hotel in Las Vegas, has a very intriguing main event – Kevin Randleman vs. Tim Catalfo. Randleman, of course, is the former UFC Heavyweight champion and a 2 time NCAA Div. 1 wrestling champion. But, he’s small for a heavyweight, and in fact has fought in the 205 lb. division. Catalfo is also a good wrestler, and he weighs in at 235 lbs.

Why do I make such an issue about their respective weights? Because Catalfo has lost to two recent fights to much bigger opponents, and I am very interested in seeing how he does against someone his size or smaller.

Catalfo also relies heavily on his wrestling skills, but is going up against a man who is probably at least his equal in that department. It will be interesting to see how the fight develops.

One other factor that makes this fight noteworthy is that (unless the circuits in my brain have shorted), Randleman trained for a short time with Catalfo when Catalfo had a school in Georgia. So, the two fighters probably know each other fairly well.

On another note, Gary “Big Daddy” Goodridge is scheduled to be the referee. There are legitimate concerns whenever an active fighter like Big Daddy is the referee for a match. In fact, it is my understanding that – in boxing – most states will not allow active fighters to be referees. So, I am a bit surprised to see that Nevada has apparently approved Big Daddy referee.

If you are interested in purchasing tickets, you can call 800-824-6033

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