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Pride announces it has signed Tyson

Pride has announced that it signed a contract with Mike Tyson. Apparently, Tyson is going to do something (probably a boxing exhibition) at Pride’s October show in Las Vegas.

Of course, talk of Tyson’s appearing at the show assumes that he has actually signed. As we saw when Tyson allegedly signed with K1, when K1 exaggerated PPV sales figures and with the UFC/Pride fiasco, you have to take what these promotions say with a grain of salt.

It is really too bad that Tyson is in such financial trouble that he has to do make this deal. He obviously lost the desire to fight a long time ago, and he is barely a shadow of the fearsome heavyweight champion people would like to remember. With all the trouble and turmoil in his life, I honestly wish he could find some inner peace and retire.

As far as Pride goes, they must be convinced that Tyson will draw enough interest from fans to make its American debut a success. While he will undoubtedly raise media interest in the event, I wonder if that will be eoungh enable the promotion to recover from the loss of it’s contract with Fuji TV. These are clearly desparate times for the promotion.

But, for what it is worth, Pride has been on the ropes before. Pride officials talked openly about the possibility of the promotion folding back in 2003 after its president ‘committed suicide,’ yet it went on to enjoy unprecedented success. So, it is never too wise to count Pride out. tags: , , ,

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  1. Huff said

    I never thought I’d be saying this, but I feel bad for Iron Mike. He was a complete scumbag both in the ring and in his personal life, but after that Irishman knocked him on his ass and he started talking about how he wasted his life, I could kind of sympathize with his troubles and his goal to, as you said, find some sort of peace in his life. Well, there’s always that flock of pigeons for him.