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This is the fight I have been waiting for

I am looking forward to the Chuck Liddell vs. Renato “Babalu” Sobral fight, and I am pumped up to see the last round of the Pride Open Weight GP. But, the fight I have really been looking forward to for the last two months is the Karo Parysian vs. Diego Sanchez matchup that headlines tonigt’s UFC card on Spike TV.

I will not pretend to be totally impartial since Karo was the second or third person I ever grappled when I first got into the sport, but I honestly believe that he is going to take it to Sanchez. However, whether I am right or wrong about that, one thing is virtually guaranteed. This will be an exciting fight.

My only fear is that Sanchez is serious when he says that he wants to keep the fight on the feet. With the way these two grapplers scramble and go for submissions, we are looking at possibly the most exciting ground fight in recent memory.

Update 8/18: What’d I tell you? Awesome fight. tags: , , , , , ,

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  1. You called it, brother. That was three rounds of some of the best grappling ever to grace the octagon. Diego definitely had his hands full, but apparently pulled it out because God and/or Jesus Christ wanted him to.

    I was rooting for Karo too. I’ve got a soft spot for judo, since it was my first martial art.

  2. Great fight, one of the best I’ve seen in awhile. I have to ask though, why hasn’t Glenn Trowbridge been let go?

  3. Anonymous said

    themonkey beat me to it…or something along those lines…

    Anyway, good call. Good fight. I’m going to go home and watch it again. I thought Sanchez had him then it looked like things were going to go Karo’s way. I think Sanchez’s conditioning won him the fight. Karo looked exhausted, but not as exhausted as Lister.