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Saulo Ribeiro joins Chute Boxe – the rush is on

Tatame is reporting that Saluo Ribeiro, a winner of multiple bjj world championships, has joined the Chute Boxe MMA fight team. At one time it would have been unthinkable that a BJJ star closely connected with the Gracie academies would train with Chute Boxe. Those days are clearly over:

The Chute Boxe team, that have been always pointed as the potency of the standed up fight, now with Saulo Ribeiro, six times BJJ champion, can be also considered a great ground force. “That was really good to having him with us. I am very happy about having Saulo here in Chute Boxe. He wanted a team that would prepare him for the Vale-Tudo and everyone in the team accepted him. We will do everything for his career be so succesfull in the mat as it was in the rings”, said Rudimar, who today has four great black belts in his team: Gabriel Napão, Nino Schembri, Cristiano Marcello and Jorge Patino Macaco.

Very happy with the hard work, Rudimar doens’t want to forget the origin of his athletes. “They fight Vale-Tudo for the Chute Boxe, but they will never forget their original academies. Everyone knows that Nino fights VT by Chute Boxe, but his formation was given at Gracie Barra by Carlinhos and by Renzo Gracie, and the same thing happens with Saulo in the Gracie academy. We always respect it”, said the team leader saying also that will have Saulo support in the ground trainings of Wanderlei Silva for the GP Open Weight.

About the possibility of Saulo’s brother, Xande Ribeiro, to dress up the Chute Boxe shirt and to improve even more the team, the master will let the doors open: “It would be great, but we are really happy about Saulo as well. Today we can say that Chute Boxe is a ground potency”, finished Fedrigo.

With this news, Roger Gracie’s announcing that he will fight MMA, Ronaldo “Jacare” Souza dos Santos skipping the BJJ world championships to concentrate on MMA, Marcio “Pe de Pano” Cruz fighting the the UFC, and Marcio Corletta and Eduardo Telles fighting in the recent Predator FC2 show, it looks like the many of the world’s elite BJJ fighters are rushing to deepen the MMA talent pool.

Lets just hope that these champions help lead a ‘rebirth’ of submissions and aggressive grappling in MMA fighting. For a long time now, promotions like the UFC have seemed to prefer MMA fights that look like sloppy kickboxing with small gloves to technical ground fighting matches. But these fighters have the skill and talent to reverse that trend and educate new fans about what makes MMA so special – submissions. tags: , , , , , ,

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