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Buentello to face Tank Abbott at Strikeforce

I guess we now know which promotion offered Paul Buentello enough money that the UFC decided to let him go. is reporting that Buentello has signed to fight David “Tank” Abbott in the Strikeforce promotion’s October 7th card in Fresno.

Frankly, if this was a UFC fight, I would probably not bother to mention it. But, in Strikeforce the fight is more interesting to me. That is not because the actual matchup has suddenly become better (obviously it has not). Rather, it is because this indicates that Strikeforce ia a promotion that may be putting together the resourcesw to eventually challenge the UFC.

I figure that between Strikeforce, the WFA, the IFL and even Pride, at least one of the promotions will succeed in reducing the stranglehold that the UFC has on the American MMA scene. tags: , , , , , , ,

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  1. 1) I enjoy reading your blog a lot. Keep up the good work!

    2) This is a bit of a risk to put on a show in Fresno in my opinion. The main draw for Strikeforce is Cung Le.

    3) The key to ending the UFC monopoly has nothing to do with the quality of fight cards or money to spent and everything to do with getting on TV.

  2. Of all of the new orgs out there, Strikeforce impresses me the most. They have not wasted time and energy attacking the UFC(online or in their advertising), they have been smart in their booking and expenses and they are not trying to over-reach.

    My feeling is that the WFA will, if things don’t improve, simply spend more money.

    Strikeforce does not seem to be in any hurry to expand, they just focus on each upcoming show.

  3. Hi Gumby,

    I agree that television is the key to challenging the UFC. But, I think a show’s resources and the quality of its cards are not unrelated to its chances of landing a good television deal.